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31 May 2006
  Behind the Scenes: Horses of Getysburg

Looks like I'll be off to Leesburg, VA next weekend at the invitation of Inecom Entertainment to attend "Behind the Scenes with Horses of Gettysburg." The event is intended to give audiences an inside look at the documentary, a chance to learn about producing films today and little-known details about working with live animals in films. The DVD "Horses of Gettysburg" commemorates the honor and courage of the 72,000 horses and mules that participated in the Battle of Gettysburg. Director/Producer Mark Bussler is quoted as saying that "The film appeals to anyone who is passionate about horses or wants to learn more about the Civil War and American History."

Admission is free but seating is limited so if you can get there, reserve your ticket by contacting the Leesburg Bookstore or All the King's Horses ASAP.

The Days' Schedule:

Tally Ho Theatre - 10:00 am
* Introduction by special guest - Honorable
Kristen C. Umstattd, Mayor of Leesburg
* Film highlights and discussion with Narrator
Ronald F. Maxwell and Director Mark Bussler
* 19 West Market Street
Leesburg, Virginia 20176

Leesburg Bookstore - Immediately following Film highlights/discussion:
* Meet Narrator Ron Maxwell and Producer/Director Mark Bussler and have them sign your copy of Horses of Gettysburg
* 13 Wirt Street SW
Leesburg, Virginia 20175
* (571) 258-0012

All the King's Horses -2:00 - 4:00 pm
* Meet Civil War reenactors and their horses
* 24 South King Street
Leesburg, Virginia 20175
* (703) 777-7989
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