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30 July 2006
  Civil War News Roundup
Black unit in Civil War draws a salute (KY)

Civil War history comes alive (IN)

The Battle of the Crater still roars (VA)

Perryville comes alive (KY)

Saber found in barn dates back to the Civil War era (MI)

Michigan men deliver marker to cemetery (MI/OH)

Wrenching memories of the Civil War (CA)
29 July 2006
  Civil War News Roundup
Book features letters of local Civil War veterans (NJ)

Civil War veteran honored with Mass (CO)

Shell explosion hurts Civil War buff (TN)
25 July 2006
  New Blogs
I've added 4 blogs to my links, bringing the total to 25. "Chronicles of the American Civil War," Maggie Maclean's "Civil War Women," Mannie Gentile's "My Year of Living Rangerously," and Sarah's (Harvard '07) "Not in Memoriam, But in Defense" are the newest additions. Give them all a look, and keep going back for more. Remember, in the words of Red Green, "... I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together."
24 July 2006
  Rare Lincoln Slavery Letter Found
One hundered and forty-five years ago, Abraham Lincoln put his signature on letters to each of the nation's governors, asking them to support a 13th amendment to the Constitution -- one that would enshrine slavery as the law of the land. You read that correctly: the president remembered for abolishing slavery was willing to preserve that institution if doing so would preserve the union.
  Civil War News Roundup
Trust weighs future of record Civil War land purchase (VA)

Black soldiers proved valor in Civil War

Civil War group wants to restore monument (KS)

Jefferson College hosts Civil War camp for children (MS)

On Ironclad's Deck And In Rare Prints, Views Of Civil War (VA)

Reenactors Revive Civil War Struggle (VA)

Civil War reenactment in Zumbrota (MN)

Archivist shares Winona Civil War experience (MN)

Thousands of Civil War enthusiasts to re-enact key 1861 battle (VA)

Panel seeks comments on Civil War park (VA)
18 July 2006
  Changing Jobs, Not Companies
You'll notice an update coming to my profile to the left. I have transferred from the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail job to a position as Park Interpreter at the Western Gateway Heritage State Park, right here in good ol' North Adams. It's always a kick for a historian to come home to work. Stop down, and take a look-see.
  Why The Hunley Sank?
Scientists say they may have found an important clue in the mystery of why the Confederate submarine Hunley sank 140 years ago after making history by sinking an enemy warship in battle. Archaeologists and others working to restore the submarine recovered six years ago from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Sullivans Island have found evidence the forward hatch may have been opened intentionally on the night the sub sank.
10 July 2006
  My Deepest Apologies
13 days since the last posting! I am deeply sorry for not keeping the blog up to date, but in the last two weeks, our beloved 1999 Dodge Caravan threw a rod, rendering it useless, I've been working non stop, our volunteer activities have been growing, and to top it all off, I had a gall bladder attack on Friday evening. Other than that, I have no excuses.
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